In a world increasingly aware of the importance of renewable energies, Spain emerges as a pioneer in the exploration and development of geothermal energy. This type of energy, obtained from heat stored in the earth, represents an inexhaustible and sustainable source that could transform the Spanish energy landscape, directly impacting the price of electricity today and long-term electricity consumption.

The geothermal potential of Spain

The Canary Islands, known for their volcanic origin, stand out as a primary focus in the search for geothermal energy in Spain. These islands have the largest medium and high temperature geothermal resource in the country, which makes them ideal places for the exploitation of this energy. The allocation of almost 112 million euros by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition (MITECO) underlines the government’s commitment to this project. Companies such as Repsol and Disa, important electricity marketers, are at the forefront of carrying out feasibility studies in the region, opening paths towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

How is geothermal energy obtained?

Geothermal energy is obtained from the heat present deep within the earth. This heat, generated by geological activity and incandescent minerals, is transmitted through rock layers and aquifers. To use it, facilities are built capable of conducting steam and hot water to the surface, where it is transformed into thermal or electrical energy. This method is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly, contributing to energy efficiency and helping to reduce electricity consumption in the country.

España está marcando un hito en la transición hacia fuentes de energía más limpias y sostenibles. La apuesta por la energía geotérmica no solo cumple con los objetivos de reducción de emisiones de carbono sino que también establece un modelo a seguir en el uso de energías renovables. Con proyectos en marcha en las Islas Canarias y Madrid, y el respaldo de entidades tanto públicas como privadas, España se posiciona como un líder emergente en el sector de la energía geotérmica, ofreciendo una alternativa viable para ahorrar en luz y fomentar un consumo energético más responsable y sostenible.