The XXI century we are living in is constantly leaving us in awe for the drastic changes in our environment due to information technologies that make us wonder about our way to face the world we are living in, the way we understand our work, our leisure, etc., … we have noticed a new professional profile, the Living Coach, quite interesting for us since we ourselves work in the real estate, the field we work in. What is a Living Coach? What do they do? How can we profit from their performance?

Angela Baghino, a former real estate agent and currently a living coach, states that these professional profile goes beyond the figure of an interior designer, due to the fact that their aim is to adequate the dwelling to the individual or individuals that are to live in the home instead of adapting the people to the property

Hence the coach comes along with the buyer to the visit, enabling him to find out the way to satisfy his specific living needs and requirements through questions, tests, incentives. Thus, the coach, thanks to its training and the knowledge of the client, guides the customer through the dwelling emphasizing all the aspects the client needs in order to achieve not only a suitable home but a place where he can feel absolutely at ease and in tune with the estate. The coach will outline the sizes of the rooms, the colors, scents, sounds … with the purpose of enabling through the emotions the awareness of the space he is about to live in, ultimately what one needs for a comfortable life to one’s liking in an adequate place.

We are speaking, in the end, of a different approach to the current standardization, the widespread growth of the big brands and big firms opposed to the loss of importance of the individual, the answer is the effort to make the space to inhabit a tender spot, the retreat one deserves. Furthermore, after the experience we have just undergone as a society, with the pandemic, when during the lockdown has awaken the awareness of the importance of our home.