Aldi, the renowned German chain of supermarkets, has announced the building and further grand opening of a new supermarket at Bahia de Marbella area, specifically on the opposite roundabout of Bahía de Marbella, namely, less than 200m from the characteristic Entrance Arc of Bahía de Marbella. With this project the long time ago requests of the dwellers of Bahía de arbella of having a shopping spot near Bahia so that one wouldnt need to take the car to purchase both day to day small buyings or the weekly/forthnightly supplies.

We, at Marbella 360, kindly congratulate our Bahia de Marbella clients and friends as well as to the supermarket chain for their move and we encourage them to achieve a soon opening and thus cover this lack in the area forever.

We will keep you posted in this blog of the definite opening dates.


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Escrito el 27 Jul 2021 Por marbella360