Re Opening (but not re engage since we were always there for you)

Dear customers and Friends, one step beyond, and despite the fact that it might look like a tiny step, this is a part of the path we are compelled to follow, with the necessary caution, if we want to get back to our lives as they were … at least as much as we can.

This new step we are referring to consists in, as you probably are aware of, the posibility of reopening the comercial premises, bussines offices, etc., on the coming May the 11th, given the fact that this is done under tight control and performance parameters, such as availability in the premises of Hydro Alcohol Gels and surgical masks for customers, providers and passers-by; the need to schedule any physical visits to the office by previous appointments and never with more than one customer at a time, etc., as well as fulfilling the existing behaviour patterns given by the government in this matter.

We Marbella 360 haven´t stopped our activity even for a single minute, on the contrary, we´ve received all this info and accompanying rstrictions as an opportunity to tune our tools, improve our processes (reception and management of visits and tours, procedures to follow with the local, regional and national regulatory or tax collection entities) so as to make us deliver the better service we can give.

Hence, we welcome every little step with illusion and understanding that we´re closer to what we are all waiting for, that is a come back to “normal” (at least the closest to our life before Covid as we can).

And again, we offer all we can give, that is work and help, therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to solve any doubts or queries and we will be back to you as usual, and now from your Elviria office again.

All the best from Marbella 360.

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Escrito el 08 May 2020 Por marbella360