Marbella 360 has faced these times with a heavy heart but full of energy and hope for what is to come. We have continued working homebased, and have seized the opportunity to approach our customers, those with which we have a usual contact and those we have not been in touch for some time. The time to strengthen our relations and build proficient procedures is here and Marbella 360 wants all his clients and friends to know that, along with our spirit and motto, we are concerned about the people and then about the business.

These are harsh times but we are fully aware that the only way out is through cooperation, understanding and hardworking, hence you can count on our commitment … and find us online just as we were easily found at our premises everyday before this crisis.

So, do not hesitate to contact us for any query, any doubt or just to catch up, we will look after your interests and deliver, as always.

Best regards from the Marbella 360 Staff

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Escrito el 30 Apr 2020 Por marbella360