"Those who buy a House now will save up to 15% than in two years time"

In an interview published by Idealista the most important Real Estate Website, on the past June the 6th, Mr. Echevarren was questioned, between other items related to its previous employer and the merging process with Colliers the Real Estate giant, about the bullish market nowadays, the chances of suffering another real estate bubble (which he blatantly denied) and the sitaution of the young people when facing the purchase of a dwelling. It´s when Mr. Echevarren answers this last question when we find the sentence used as the title of this article, for even though according to him "young people should think carefully about the acquisition, prevent from buying before their 30s or 40s, as well as enjoy economic, familiar and emotional, besides having at least a 30% of the value of the house stocked away", but just following these words, Mr. Echevarren states "Now, of course, those intending to buy a home with enough savings, will pay up to 15% less than in two years time"

Here you can visit the page and have a look to the full interview (in Spanish): https://www.idealista.com/news/inmobiliario/vivienda/2018/06/05/765979-echavarren-a-quien-compre-una-casa-hoy-le-saldra-un-15-mas-barata-que-dentro-de-dos

As the old proverb says: if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck ... it´s probably a duck!

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