AUTUMN at La Costa del Sol ... Nature at a stone´s throw away

Malaga offers in its wide range of variety a plethora of different ways to enjoy this time of the year, which, as it usually happens in La Costa, in a mild temperature, with loads of sun and cooler nights.

We at Marbella 360 appreciate in this season, specially, El Valle del Genal. We are talking about the valley throuhg which the Genal River goes by, a thick forest area mainly made up of Cork Oaks, Chesnut Tree and Gal Oaks, that carpet the steep slopes of the valley, a natural path leading from Ronda to the western Costa del Sol. It is precisely in this season when the lush nature glows at its best, colouring the landscape with a palette of different brown and ochres colour schemes of several intensities due to the unfolding of the leaves of the different trees dominating the area.

A hike along the Genal Valley offers the posibility of visitin different wite washed, tipical, tranquil and enchanting towns nestled on the hillsides of the streambed, where you may find Gaucín, Algatocín, Jubrique, Juzcar ... Genalguacil deserves a special mention, an enchanting village with awesome views and marked out along the whole town with handcrafted statues, sculptures, figures, made of stone, wood, iron, etc, produced by artists that every two year gather there in an artists encounter.

The neighboring Valle del Guadiaro offers similar landscapes and cook customs just some kilometers away, for the two valleys are separated by a Sierra, and to both sides run the two rivers, Genal and Guadiaro, that boast a wide range of fauna including autochtonous otters.

Following two links with an approach of what one can find in the Lower Genal Valley

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